Seasonal Style, Autumn

April 4, 2016 10:38 am

One of the things I love most about cushions is the way they can be used to give a room or piece of furniture a new look. Once you have good quality inserts you can simply change the covers to revamp a space.

Before I started Lily Pily Designs I would allow myself the occasional indulgence of buying new cushion covers.  It felt like a lovely treat and was a relatively inexpensive way of giving the loungeroom and bedrooms fresh style.

Having lived through a couple of renovations I get that changing your ‘house’ is not something you want to undertake too often, but I personally crave a decorating challenge so I mix things up in each room, by moving furniture, paintings and rugs or even paint it if time allows.   For me though, introducing new fabrics with their different colours and textures into the room via cushions is one of the best and most achievable ways to satisfy this need and rekindle the love for my home.


I like to do this for each season, Autumn being my favourite, and I love that the cushions on my sofa allow me to reflect this lovely time of year.   When it turns really cold I will swap these over for some beautiful woollen tartans and tweeds in both rich and muted shades to differentiate the various spaces.  These are nice to snuggle with but also give the room a comforting warmth for Winter.

I recently purchased some gorgeous Autumnal fabrics, a couple of which are pictured.  The rich colours and leafy designs are irresistible.  Just look at the range of rusty oranges and gorgeous fuchsia in the Sanderson ‘Simi’ fabric.  And the ‘Cedar’ fabric, which is from the ever so funky Scion is entirely different with soft pinks and purples featuring in the naive style trees resulting in a fun retro style.  Selecting fabrics that I believe are beautiful is such a pleasure and turning them into cushions that others love too is what this is all about.

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